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SuccessforEducators.com, an initiative of Envision Credit Union, brings financial benefits to all people employed by the Leon County School Board and surrounding districts. We invite all employees in Leon, Gadsden, Jefferson, Wakulla, Liberty and Franklin counties, including private schools, to bookmark this site and come back often for the latest educator-exclusive financial offers, news and events including blogs and updates from our very own teacher ambassador, or "Envisioneer". Take a look!

Our Envisioneer Finalists Have Been Selected!

  • Dr. Christopher Small of Springwood Elementary School
  • Dr. Karen Minert of The Success Academy at Ghazvini Learning Center
  • Mr. Scott Whittle of Lincoln High School

Check back soon for more information!

Leon High School Chorus

Jan 14, 2015

The Leon High School Choral Department made its bi annual trip to New York City. After a 24 hour bus ride, the 40 juniors and seniors, made it to New York. During their trip they were able to see 5 Broadway Shows including: Aladdin, Wicked, Once, Les Miserable, and Christmas Spectacular/Rockettes. Along with the Broadway Shows, the Choral Department was able to sing in St. John of the Divine while on their trip.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from our schools, and remember, Stay Classy Tallahassee!

Gilchrist Celebrates the Holidays

Dec 29, 2014

Last week, the 5 grade students at Gilchrist Elementary School present their parents and the faculty with a winter musical  The stage was filled with excited students, and it was standing room only in the Gilchrist cafeteria.

Along with the students presentation, the chorus teacher also had a musical presentation of her own. Smiles filled the room and it definitely got everyone in the holiday spirit.

I hope you all have Happy Holidays and I wish you a Happy New Year!

Wireless Headphones for Students

Dec 16, 2014

Success For Educators

Ms. Delacenserie is an ESE teacher at Roberts Elementary. Last spring she applied for an Envision Classroom Grant and won! The focus of the grant was to provide wireless headphones in the classroom setting.

Typically, headphones in a classroom get so much use on a daily basis, that the wires begin to pull out very easily. This causes schools to have to replace headphones annually to keep working headphones in the classroom. Since the class is able to use the wireless headphones, there is less of a distraction with students wanting to pull on and kink wires.

What's great about these wireless headphones is they also have a built in microphone. Ms. Delacenserie's student's work on a reading program that requires the students to read out loud. Through the use of the microphones built in to the headphones, the students are able to read to themselves and then replay their recording to listen for errors.

Ms. Delacneserie stated, "I think of Envision every single day when my students are on the computers and continue to be oh-so grateful for the grant!"

Stay tuned for more classroom grant winners, and remember, Stay Classy Tallahassee!

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