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Buck Lake Elementary Beautification Project

Apr 22, 2014

Patti McMullen teaches at Buck Lake Elementary School. Over time, she has noticed the area behind her “cabin”, otherwise known as a portable, to be lacking in curb appeal. As part of Patti’s $500 Classroom Grant she won through Envision Credit Union, Patti and her students decided to spruce up the area.

The class is doing an Erosion Control Project. They purchased items such as pine straw, native plants, and topsoil. As a result of the project, Ms. McMullen’s class was able to add beauty to their campus and create a healthy habitat for animals.

Please enjoy the beautification pictures, and remember, Stay Classy Tallahassee!


Fairview Students Developing Skills for the Future

Apr 16, 2014

Success For Educators


Students in middle school develop physically at different rates. In an effort to allow every student the opportunity to learn proper keyboarding skills, Ms. Jacquelyn Crutchfield at Fairview Middle School was able to purchase a keyboarding book at each individual computer station with her $500 Envision Credit Union Classroom Grant.  Proper keyboarding skills aim to encourage students to keep eyes-on-copy while keying information.

Along with the keyboarding books, the grant also provided wireless mini keyboards. The keyboards were assigned to students who have smaller hands. When developing keyboarding skill, often times students with smaller hands find it difficult to use the regular size keyboard in the classroom. These small keyboards help students improve pinky finger reachers to the backspace and enter keys.

In the months since the grant was awarded, the students using the mini keyboards have improved their speed and accuracy. McKenzie, pictured to the right, makes every effort to use the appropriate keyboarding technique and posture while using the mini-keyboard.

Keep an eye out for more Envision Classroom Grant Updates, and remember, Stay Classy Tallahassee!


Classroom Grant Spotlight

Apr 9, 2014

We are  hitting the ground running in April with a series of blogs involving teachers who received $500 in classroom grants from Envision Credit Union. Check for weekly updates from the Envision Classroom Grant winners.

Mr. Jasun Burdick from SAIL High School received a grant to help fund their team, "The Octo –rates". The money allowed Mr. Burdick and his team to buy parts for their robot immediately when unforeseen problems arose.  This allowed them the ability to build their most incredible robot yet.  This year Mr. Burdick had students spending more time involved in CADing, Machining, Welding, and Programming than ever before.  They hope to continue to grow more leaders, with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) in the future.

Check out their video from the Orlando Regional Competition 2014.
"The Octo –rates" are number 3502 in the video link.


Stay tuned, and remember, Stay Classy Tallahassee!

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